Giant Snowballs, Siberia (October 2016)

Giant Snowballs, Siberia (October 2016)

In the end of October 2016, thousands of giant snowballs has covered an 18-kilometer (11-mile) Siberian beach near the village of Nyda. Their size varies from the size of a tennis ball to 1 meter (3 feet).

The press secretary of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Sergei Lisenkov explained to the Russian TV: “As a rule, first there is a primary natural phenomenon – sludge ice, slob ice. Then comes a combination of the effects of the wind, the lay of the coastline, and the temperature and wind conditions. It can be such an original combination that it results in the formation of balls like these.”

First, small pieces of ice started forming, then they rolled by wind and water, collected more icy snow, and the final result was giant snowballs.

Previously, a similar phenomenon was witnessed in the Gulf of Finland in December 2014, and on Lake Michigan, United States in December 2015.

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