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Why students should learn lessons in nurturing nature?

Education is something which everyone wants to obtain. Everyone needs a perfect and complete education. Children’s always like to spend their time outside instead of being in one room. When we place children outside they start to explore themselves and they love to be within nature. When they are in nature they will be able to nurture more and more and they will be able to develop their individual personality and lead to development. Research shows that the kids who spend time outside with nature will be more happy and energetic. In olden days we have seen in movies and in other sources teachers used to teach lessons outside the classroom. They always prefer a place which is under the tree. They know that the pure and fresh air brings positivity to children’s mind that will make them happy; it will help them to stay fresh in mind, and concentrate on lessons easily. Its main factor is to relieve stress. But as time goes we adopted the new method of teaching in the classroom. Students are seated in one room which is covered with walls. They don’t have another source of knowledge they have to be more materialistic. Education is not only about learning process it also includes adopting mental development and accepting a positive perspective towards life.

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