Since the debut of electric vehicles, there have been a lot of improvements to their function. Top Electric car Companies have upgraded their car’s mileage, charging time, and capabilities. Today there are more electric cars and electric charging stations than ever before. The improvements that have been made allow people to save more money and travel longer than they ever could with an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle owners also might have access to some other benefits that they did not have with their gas-powered vehicles. A study released by Bankrate explains some additional benefits of driving an electric car.

Low Maintenance Costs

Benefits of Driving an Electric Car
Electric vehicles do not require all of the same parts that a gas-powered vehicle does to function.

Electric Vehicles run on a battery-powered motor, rather than using an engine. This means that electric vehicles do not require all of the same parts that a gas-powered vehicle does to function.

In fact, Electric vehicles do not need any belts, transmission fluid, oil, or coolant. This means electric vehicle owners will never have to worry about any of these parts getting checked, changed, or broken. This also benefits drivers because it means fewer breakdowns and unwanted time spent taking care of the vehicle. Lower maintenance and fewer parts also mean that you can get more years out of your vehicle.

Lower Driving Costs

In addition to low maintenance costs, electric vehicle owners also save on fueling their cars. This is because the cost of electricity is significantly less than the always-increasing price of gas. So, even if you pay a little more to purchase your electric car, than you would have a gas-powered car, you will save money in the long run.

Electric Vehicle drivers will find that they spend less than half the amount of what they would have spent fueling a gas-powered car. Keep this in mind when you are looking to purchase a new electric car, as you will get your money back from what you don’t spend at the gas pump.

New Tax Breaks

The government also rewards people who drive electric vehicles because by using them, you are doing a big part in keeping pollution down. Driving an electric vehicle helps lessen your carbon footprint, and anything in today’s polluted world can help. So, if you are just a few dollars short on purchasing the electric car of your dreams, remember that you could qualify for both state and federal incentives.

Improving the Environment

Electric-powered cars don’t produce any direct emissions according to This includes harmful pollutants like greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide. Emissions escape into the atmosphere when they are evaporated from the fuel system that electric cars do not have.

There is no doubt that driving an electric vehicle versus driving a gas vehicle will create less air pollution. Gas-powered cars produce an immense amount of pollution that can destroy the planet if nothing gets done. If we don’t find an alternative way for everyone to power their cars, then we will be dealing with a highly polluted and very different world than the one we know today.

Vehicle-related pollution poses risks not just for the planet’s health, but also for the human population will have health risks like never before. Fortunately, we are not far from a world where everyone can afford and drive an electric vehicle. After some more advancements that are surely in the works, be ready for a world of electric cars in your lifetime.

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