NASA’s Valkyrie (R5) robot

NASA's Valkyrie (R5) robot

Valkyrie, also called R5, was developed in only nine months and was originally intended for a competition in the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Robotics Challenge in 2011. The robot was designed to perform functions like picking up debris, drive a vehicle or cutting through a wall. The initial objective of the project was to help with the disaster response and search-and-rescue missions.

The prototype had the same height as an average human but was on the heavier side in weight (287 pounds). A suite of cameras allowed it to walk upright, while a backpack enabled it to wander around and stay active without the need to remain plugged into a power source.

The team of robots behind this humanoid opined that the objective of using a human-like structure was that it would be able to traverse through difficult terrains, like on Mars, and could evaluate samples like rocks with ease.

Image: NASA

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