Throughout the years, plenty of things have changed about the way we operate our homes. From the invention of centralized air conditioners to televisions, homeowners are always open to the newest upgrades. But the most recent addition to the home space isn’t just about convenience. From alerting you to carbon monoxide leaks to saving you money when you run water throughout your home, smart home devices are a great way to save money and energy as a homeowner. In fact, it’s even estimated that 6.4 billion smart home devices will be used globally within the next three years.

With this environmentally friendly trend taking over the world, it’s important for new and old homeowners alike to get up-to-date on what smart home technology will be best for their homes and the environment. For example, temperature and humidity sensors help you keep track of your home’s environment. This can not only prevent mold buildup but can also prevent unneeded energy waste trying to cool a humid home. Other devices like water leak detectors and smart water shutoffs will alert homeowners to issues as they happen and offer a remote control to turn off water access from anywhere.

To help homes across the country save money and save the environment at the same time, the team at Hippo insurance has put together an infographic with the most efficient smart home devices for a better home. In fact, many of these devices will even save homeowners money on their insurance policies as well. Who wouldn’t want that?

Check out the infographic below for more information or head over to their blog to learn more!

Devices for an Eco-Friendly Home
Smart home devices for an eco-friendly home

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