Earth-i releases its first full-color video of Earth taken from space

Private Space Company Earth-i has released its first full-color video of Earth taken from space. The video was taken by VividX2, the technology prototype for the company’s Vivid-i Constellation.

Launched on 12 January 2018 from ISRO space center, Sriharikota, India; VividX2 is the world’s first commercial satellite able to provide full-color video of life on Earth.

Weighing 100kg and measuring approximately 1 cubic meter, VividX2 is orbiting at 505km above the Earth and traveling at approximately 7km per second.

At the heart of the satellite is an Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera that captures high-resolution images for any location on Earth – and also films up to two minutes of video at a time as it passes over each target location.

The newly released video footage was taken as VividX2 passed over a range of targeted locations under its sun-synchronous polar orbit. The clips show videos of numerous different locations across the globe and some of the intriguing new insights that can be quickly derived from the video.

These first sequences represent just a fraction of the data already collected by VividX2 and demonstrate Earth-i’s ability to deliver an unprecedented level of detail in full motion video, whilst also extracting still imagery to meet an ever-wider range of needs.


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