Earth from Moon (taken by the Chinese Queqiao satellite) of Chang’e 4 mission

Earth from Moon (taken by the Chinese Queqiao satellite) of Chang'e 4 mission

The first images of the Earth and the Moon captured from China’s Queqiao lunar communications relay satellite, a key component of Chang’e 4 lunar landing mission. Chang’e 4 is a planned Chinese lunar exploration mission, to be launched in December 2018, that will incorporate an orbiter, a robotic lander, and rover. After Chang’e 3, it will be China’s second lunar lander and rover. Queqiao, meaning “Magpie Bridge”, is a key component of the mission. The satellite was launched to Earth-Moon L2 point Notes 2 on 20 May 2018. It will provide a continuous communications link to Earth while the probe does its exploratory work on the far side of the Moon: a job the lander and rover can’t do for themselves because all the rocky body of the Moon would get in the way. Image: CNSA

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