As per the report by the United States Department of Energy (DoE), an average household in the US uses 90 million BTUs of energy per year. Out of this, most energy is wasted due to a lack of insulation, air leakages, lights being left on, and other such practices. With global warming being a major concern, energy conservation is one of the most important topics these days. Carbon emissions majorly contribute to climate change resulting in serious consequences.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the US, carbon dioxide makes up the majority share with an 80% contribution. Increased carbon emissions play an extremely negative role in the environment. The solar energy within our atmosphere gets trapped due to these emissions, raising the global temperature. This changes weather patterns and impacts the Earth’s water supply. Food crops are affected and coastal communities face the threat of raised sea levels due to climate change.

Using less energy greatly helps reduce our carbon footprint. Moreover, there are monetary benefits attached to energy conservation as it provides numerous savings on energy bills. If you look at air conditioning, it is a major expense during summer. Deploying ways to save money on air conditioning can be excellent for the environment and your bills. Thankfully, energy-saving technology can greatly help us in this regard.

Energy-saving at home
Energy-saving technology for your home: deploying ways to save money on air conditioning can be excellent for the environment and your bills.

Energy-Saving Devices -The Most Valuable Players of this Era

While we simply cannot do without technology, green technology can greatly help us save energy. Green technology refers to devices that are designed to save energy and reverse the effects of adverse human activities having a significant impact on the environment. Eco-friendly technology goes a long way and provides us with numerous benefits.

Let’s delve deeper into the types of devices that can help us save energy. Here are my top picks:

  • Energy Monitors – To monitor your energy consumption
  • Smart Thermostats or AC Controllers – To maintain the perfect temperature & save energy
  • Smart Blinds – Cover your windows smartly
  • Smart Lighting – To light up your world at the lowest cost
  • Solar Chargers – Let the sun power your home

Energy Monitors – To Monitor Your Energy Consumption

Are you aware of your own carbon footprint? Do you know how much energy is being consumed by your household appliances? If not, it’s time you start calculating your energy consumption using an energy monitor! This will help you become more aware of your negative contributions to the environment and help you be ‘greener’. Energy monitors aim to calculate energy consumption and show where energy is being wasted. This information allows you to make lifestyle changes that can help you be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Energy monitors can also help you save on gas and electricity bills by 15%. Energy monitors are connected via a mobile app that sends you notifications about your respective household appliances, tips for saving energy, and alert notifications on the unusual appliance usage.

Smart Thermostats or AC Controllers – To Maintain the Perfect Temperature & Save Energy

Maintaining the temperature of your home is probably one of the most annoying tasks. Temperature and humidity fluctuate throughout the day leaving you frustrated and either too hot or too cold. Great news though – gone are the days when you had to manually maintain the temperature of your home! There is no need to reach out for the remote multiple times during the day or adjust a thermostat to change your temperature settings. All thanks to smart thermostats and smart AC controllers such as Cielo Breez Plus your home temperature can be regulated automatically.

Energy-saving technology for your home: Cielo Breez Plus smart thermostat
Energy-saving technology for your home: Cielo Breez Plus is a thermostat-like smart controller for your air conditioners. It regulates your home temperature automatically.

Smart air conditioning devices allow you to set intelligent triggers via your smartphone. For an AC unit this may work as when the temperature of a room reaches a certain limit that you have set, the AC compressor slows down or shuts off. Such smart thermostats & AC control features allow you to save energy.

You can also set location-based actions that can trigger your heating or cooling to automatically shut off when you leave a certain premise. Furthermore, you can set weekly heating or cooling schedules. Smart AC controllers keep you updated with the constant temperature and humidity levels of your room and can automatically adjust your settings based on these figures.

Smart Blinds – Cover Your Windows Smartly

Numerous smart home products for windows have popped up on the market and one of them is smart blinds. Smart blinds have the unique ability to close down on their own when the temperature rises. Connecting smart blinds to a smart home hub can minimize the use of energy by allowing the blinds to react to the readings obtained by an HVAC system and sunlight sensors. The blinds can close during the hottest part of the day to reduce energy usage by your air conditioner and remain open during a sunny day in winter to help warm up your home quickly.

Smart blinds can be operated via smartphones. They can also be controlled via voice commands and are compatible with Apple Home kit, Google Home, and Alexa.

Smart Lighting – To Light Up Your World at the Lowest Cost

Previously, residential users were encouraged to transition towards LED lighting from traditional bulbs. LED lighting is not only 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and lasts longer. Now, the trend is changing and smart home tech has since revolutionized homes. Smart lighting, as part of that revolution, is being encouraged instead of simple LED lighting.

You control these lights via your smartphone, tablet, or through voice commands. You can switch off unnecessary lights with a simple, single click. Smart lighting helps you save more energy compared to traditional or LED lights and is an excellent way to slash your electricity bills! With smart lights, you save time and energy!

Solar Chargers – Let the Sun Power Your Home

The best part about solar energy is that it is a completely free source of energy! Charging multiple devices takes up a lot of energy and one of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is to use solar chargers.

These chargers are eco-friendly and work very well! They let you charge USB devices without using your main power supply or a power bank. Simply ensure the solar panels featured on your solar charger are facing the light. This solar energy is used to power the solar charger’s battery.

Smart home technology has made our lives so much easier! Apart from using energy-saving technology, one can always be careful with the use of energy. Try not to use household appliances during peak hours. You can create a smart routine to use household appliances and run them at the time of the day when the demand for energy is low. Turn off unnecessary lights. Try making lifestyle changes that can help reduce energy consumption.

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