Freshwater from the sea water?

Freshwater from the sea water?

The ocean has long been considered the Holy Grail for the water scarcity crisis around the world. Dating back decades, scientists have worked on desalination projects aimed at creating an efficient, reliable means of turning salty ocean water into potable water for drinking and other processes that require clean, fresh water.

However, even as some large-scale operations have been implemented to varying degrees of success, no desalination plant has made a meaningful contribution to a given city’s water supply.

The main reason is that the two primary desalination processes-steam distillation and reverse osmosis-are both incredibly energy and cost-intensive and create large amounts of waste byproducts.

Given that renewable energy is nearly as large a concern as fresh water, creating large-scale systems that derive drinking water from the ocean is going to require radical new breakthroughs that enable faster, more efficient filtration.

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