Krys , the Crocodile – Life size replica

Krys , the Crocodile - Life size replica

Life size replica of Krys at Normanton, Queensland, Australia. The claimed size of Krys is highly suspicious, because it is much larger than any other accurately reported measurements. And, probably, this “life size replica” isn’t very accurate, too. Zoologist and crocodile expert Adam Britton measured the replica’s head in June 2017 and found that its head-body ratio is not appropriate. Britton wrote on his facebook account that: “It had to be done. Krys the Crocodile statue in Normanton, purportedly a life-size representation of a 28 ft (8.6 m) saltwater croc that Krys Pawlowski shot on the Norman River. If true, it makes Lolong look like a yearling. Apparently photos were taken, but lost in floods 40 years ago. Pretty hard story to swallow to be honest, given its insane size. I couldn’t resist measuring the head length on the model, was 152 cm. The largest saltwater crocodile skull on record is 76 cm from a 23 ft (7.0 m) animal. So I guess the model is not all that accurate! (a 152 cm skull would belong to a roughly 14 m long crocodile based on a similar HL:TL ratio, probably a bit less than that in reality as the ratio would be higher) It was also estimated to weigh 2 tonnes, but in reality a crocodile of that size would be at least double that. Still, it’s a great story.”

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