The Cuba Great White Shark (1945)

The Cuba Great White Shark (1945)

Great white shark caught off Cuba in 1945 which was allegedly 6.4 m (21 ft) long and weighed an estimated 3,175 kg (7,000 lb).

The Cuba great white shark is often cited as the largest great white shark ever recorded. At the time, an entire village seemed to come out for the photo. Several adults stood at the background, while kids sat on the long-dead shark, legs dangling over the side.

But, later analysis of the photo by experts, such as R. Aidan Martin of the ReefQuest Center for Shark Research, suggests the shark fell short of its stated size. Martin instead concluded it measured around 16 feet (4.9 meters) in length, with a weight that’s hard to determine just based on a single photo.

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