Man Eater Lion of Mfuwe

Man Eater Lion of Mfuwe

Man Eater Lion of Mfuwe, body on display at Chicago’s Field Museum. He was a huge lion, more than 3 meters (ten feet) from snout to tail. Like Tsavo Man-Eaters, he was totally maneless. Why there’s a white bag near him? Because, in 1991, after killing at least six people in a village, he strutted through the center of the village. He was reportedly carrying a white laundry bag that had belonged to one of his victims. Mfuwe man-eater was killed by a California man on safari. Like one of the Tsavo Man-Eaters, his health was not in perfect condition: he had fractured its right mandibular ramus. This may has been decisive factor influencing its consumption of humans.

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