SpaceX BFS details

Making life multiplanetary: SpaceX BFS details

SpaceX’s interplanetary spaceship – BFS (“Big Fragging Spaceship”). SpaceX’s interplanetary spaceship is the BFS, or “Big Fragging Spaceship”. Its diameter will be the same with the BFR, 9 meters (30 feet). Its length will be 48 meters (158 feet) with a dry mass of 85 metric tons (187,393 lb). Its propellant mass will be 1,100 metric tons (2,425,087 lb). Maximum ascent payload will be 150 tons (330,694 lb) with a typical return payload of 50 tons (110,231 lb).
The upper half of the spaceship will be dedicated to payload, where enough cargo could fit to fill an Airbus A380 airplane (world’s largest passenger airliner which transports hundreds of people on long-distance international flights). The Mars transit configuration will have 40 cabins (each cabin can hold up to 5-6 people, but Musk says there will be probably 2-3 people in each cabin) and large common areas. So there will be around 100 people per flight to Mars.
The fin-like small delta wing at the back the spaceship will help stabilize the craft during launch and landing, no matter where it goes in the solar system – Earth, the moon, Mars, or even more distant worlds. That feature will expand the mission envelope of the BFR spaceship whether it landing or entering a planet or moon that has no atmosphere, a thin atmosphere or a dense atmosphere. There will be also a solar storm shelter and large entertainment areas.
For refilling, the two ships (BFS and the fuel carrier) will be connected at their rear sections. They will use the same mating interface. The propellant will be settled by milli-G acceleration using control thrusters.

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