Robot Doctor

Robot Doctor

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will provide $50 million in savings by 2021. The AI also has the potential to ease the mental and emotional suffering that millions of people go through every day. Currently, AI has two promising pathways to provide mental healthcare: supplementing healthcare from a human psychiatrist and offering healthcare as an AI-driven online or mobile service.

In the Harvard Business Review article, the author discusses a new counseling company,, and how it combines virtual mental health services with powerful insights from data-driven AI to provide therapy to anyone with a smartphone. Unlike chatbot-based healthcare services such as T.E.V.I., which is actively being developed by UCLA researchers, patients interact with therapists, specialists, and psychologists using video and text-based sessions. Together, patients and providers develop a detailed treatment plan that includes actionable goals and resources. Afterward, the AI analyses the patient’s real-time behavior and mannerisms through a mobile app and then combines that information with patients’ past mental health assessments.

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