All homes run on electricity, but about half of the homes in the US also use natural gas for things like heating and cooking. A new trend to “electrify everything” is an attempt to reduce carbon emissions by switching to cleaner energy. Electrifying your home means converting any natural gas appliances and technologies into their homes to run on electricity.

The catch is that not all electricity is clean, yet. Unfortunately, most electricity production still uses fossil fuels and contributes to pollution. The good news is that cleaner ways of producing electricity are available like using renewable sources. At least half of homeowners have the ability to purchase clean electricity in the US.

The push for electrification

Energy consumption reached an all-time high in the US in 2018. A variety of sources supply the energy demand and due to environmental concerns, many are prioritizing renewable sources. With the ability to produce pollution-free green electricity, many are saying the time to ditch natural gas is now too. However, the most important change to reduce energy consumption is all about using less where you can-no matter where it’s coming from.

Benefits of electrification

Many obstacles stand in front of homeowners hoping to electrify their homes. The availability of clean electricity, the cost of electricity, and the cost of converting are all very high. Those who are able to switch, they’re able to reduce their carbon footprint and live greener. As more homes depend on electricity, we would also decrease our reliance on fossil fuels in the residential sector (and the countries that supply it).

Advocates for electrification say that we shouldn’t wait for it to be 100% clean to make the switch. Preparing your home now for cleaner energy positions you to live a more sustainable life at home.

This infographic from The Zebra explains what electrifying your home means and how it can reduce your carbon footprint.

Electrifying home
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