Many of us want energy efficiency at home not just to reduce energy bills and save money but for another reason – to help our environment.

Today, most of our electricity is generated through the combustion of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, this process contributes to about 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a lot of environmental problems like global warming. Sadly, renewable energy sources are not yet adequate to power 100% of our needs.

As homeowners, we should take our part in lessening our footprint. There are many ways you can reduce your energy usage. In this post, we will share with you the 5 easy ways to efficiently use your energy at home with the help of technology.

Lowering your energy use at home is not just healthy for your pocket but also for the environment. Homeowners that implement energy efficiency at home, as a collective, will have a big impact on the environment.

1. Using smart thermostats to swing temperatures with the seasons

Smart thermostats are great investments to keep your home climate comfortable while reducing energy. These thermostats can control your HVAC system depending on the current weather. For example, you can let the temperatures right during summer since it feels cooler when you come in from outside and you’re dressed in less clothing. In the winter seasons, you can do the opposite and schedule changes to decrease the overall temperature and reduce your heating needs.

Easy ways to reduce your home's energy use: Smart thermostat
Easy ways to reduce your home’s energy use with technology: Smart thermostats are great investments to keep your home climate comfortable while reducing energy. Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

2. Automatically turn off your HVAC system

Use your energy wisely – don’t heat and cool when you’re not around. You can automate your system by using a smart thermostat to stop running when you leave home and turn it back on after you return or are on the way back.

For those who are working in the office, the savings can be up to 10%!

3. Switch to LED bulbs

Compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs only consume 10% energy and last 25 times longer. Electricity usually takes about 20% of your total electricity bills. Switching to LEDs to light up your home takes you to about 75% of your current usage. If every household switched to LED bulbs, greenhouse gas emissions could be greatly reduced annually which is equivalent to about 800,000 cars taken off the road.

This would also mean that the energy saved annually would be enough to power millions of homes.

4. Use smart blinds to shade out the sun

Smart blinds are also good add-ons to your home automation system to minimize energy usage in your cooling system. With smart blinds, you can automatically cover your windows when it’s too hot outside through an app or voice command.

And, you can do the opposite in the winter and let the blinds follow the sun to let in more light and heat your home!

5. Use motion sensors to turn off lights and fans

How many times have you forgotten to turn off your lights and fans when you’re not around?

If you have motion sensors installed, you don’t need to be bothered with these anymore. Motion sensors can detect your presence and automatically turn off the lights and fans when you leave the room. You can use smart switches to automate your fans and lights.

Benefits of Saving Energy

There are many benefits of reducing your energy use at home. Aside from saving costs in the long term, efficient energy use is good for our health, too.

Energy-efficient homes are generally more comfortable to live in. Your room temperatures are optimized to make you feel comfortable at all times. The HVAC system makes your place warmer during winter and cooler in the summer without spending lots of energy.

With technology, you can also maintain fresh air inside your home and prevent moldy air and moisture. This reduces your exposure to viruses and bacteria that can make you and your loved ones sick.

Investing in technology such as motion sensors and smart thermostats also help increase your productivity at home. And if every household switches to energy-efficient homes, then the carbon dioxide emission is greatly reduced.

Overall, the benefits of reducing home energy consumption with technology benefits not only your pocket but also the environment. In fact, the higher quality of life you get can be even more satisfying than your reduced utility bills.

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