There are innovations to look out for every year in the renewable energy industry. Tech enthusiasts are keen on finding new ways to make life better for mankind. This is since technology is the driving force of research and development in different fields. In health, for instance, the introduction of sonic waves in radiology might have benefits in the treatment of cancer cells. But the health industry isn’t the only sector beaming with potential in 2019. There are many other trends in energy research and development to watch out for.

Solar energy is becoming a major source of power for many regions of the world. Even many countries once considered underdeveloped have begun investing in renewable energy. For example, there is a need for more solar power in Cape Town as there are many industries especially startups setting up shops in that part of Southern Africa.

Solar Energy will get Cheaper with the Increase in the Solar Market

Solar panel installation
At the beginning of 2019, the global solar market climbed up to 100 GW.

At the beginning of 2019, the global solar market climbed up to 100 GW which was a major accomplishment in the tech and energy industry. There are also predictions that this number might increase to 105GW by the middle of the year. A major driving force for steady growth is the diversification of the global solar energy market. Countries with the fastest growth include Saudi Arabia, Italy, Egypt, and Iran.

Introduction of New Energy Storage Systems

One of the main problems of solar power is energy storage. Once the energy has been harnessed from the sun, it is difficult to store this energy in systems for future use. Pairing solar energy with a storage system will ensure the supply of solar power, even when there is heavy rainfall or a shortage of sunlight. Solar energy is stored in batteries and there is an increase in the use of solar batteries both industrially and residentially. This increase will result in improvements in how solar energy is stored. We can predict that experts will be on the lookout for ways to optimize energy generation and storage.

Increase in Energy Access to Developing Countries

Solar panels atop a roof of a hut
The stable power supply will get to regions of the world that have been left in the dark.

There are many countries in the world without access to electricity. As a matter of fact, more than one billion people don’t get electricity and hundreds of thousands don’t have access to stable electricity. With the many changes taking place in the energy market, there is hope for individuals living without electricity.

The introduction of microgrids to communities without electricity could be a cost-effective way to tackle the problem of electricity in those regions. Also, international groups like the World Bank are working out strategies on how to provide clean and renewable energy systems to developing countries. With the growing improvement in solar power generation, we can expect that in no time, the stable power supply will get to regions of the world that have been left in the dark.

Increased Commitments

Solar energy provides a cleaner and eco-friendly alternative to power sources that use combustible fuel. Also, energy is easily renewable which has sparked the interest of many global corporations. In previous years, many cities and countries took an interest in solar energy because it is easily renewable. More than 100 cities get more than 70 percent of their energy from renewable.

Also, more than 40 cities are using 100 percent renewable energy for power generation. Many companies are also making the shift to renewable electricity making 2019, the year when we expect to see a tremendous increase in the global commitment to adopt renewable energy sources and do away with fossil fuels.

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