Things which were considered a luxury once upon a time have now become the norm. It’s just not enough, to own a house or a swanky car. You need to keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies available in the market, to distinguish yourself among the others. One such technology is Solar Pond Lights. If you love idling around near your backyard pond or are known to throw lavish parties around that pond in your garden, you ought to have solar pond lights, it can instantly transform your dull looking pond into one that can amaze you with the mesmerizing illumination of your underwater plants, fishes & water patterns in an eco-friendly and energy-saving way.

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Why Solar Pond Lights?

The regular surface lights were a great source of general lighting until underwater lights became available in the market and with the advent of solar powered pond lights, it has taken pond lighting game a notch higher. Solar pond lights are great because of a couple of reasons listed below.

  • You don’t need to worry about the closest electrical point available to give a source to your lights.
  • Bid goodbye to messy electrical wirings around the garden which could also be a cause for concern with kids running helter-skelter around the place.
  • It’s a great energy saving option for small pond owners and a valuable money saving way if you’re looking to enhance your landscaping with the use of lights.

Who is it for?

Solar pond lights are ideal for small pond owners who are looking to reduce their monthly electrical consumption and for those who are nature-conscious and want to go the eco-friendly way for their garden lighting.

Another determining factor for installation of solar lights is the amount of sunlight available during the daytime in the region where you reside. On an average, a solar light can illuminate a small pond for 5-6 hours after charging throughout the day in ample sunlight.

Pros & Cons of Solar Pond Lights


  • It is mess-free as it doesn’t require any sort of electrical connection hence no wires are a part of your solar lighting system. All you need is a solar panel which converts solar energy into light energy which powers the lights.
  • It saves money in the long run. As the lights are not connected to any electrical outlet, it minimizes your electricity bill. It is a one-time investment of buying the solar apparatus to get the whole project going.
  • It comes in a variety of types to suit your needs.
    • Submersible variety: It can be used underwater in the pond and adds a beautiful effect to your pond.
    • Floating variety: It can be used on the surface of the water, illuminating the beautiful water patterns of your pond.
    • Fancy Lights: They also come in different colors and effects to create an artistic landscape for your liking.
  • With solar lights, you just have to set it and forget it. The lights get automatically charged with the sunlight during the day and light up on their own in the night.
  • If you’re buying LED bulbs for your solar powered pond lights, they will not heat up the water in the pond and will not affect the fishes too.
Solar Pond lights: An eco-friendly and energy saving option for your garden
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  • The brightness and the vividness of colors are considerabl less in solar powered lights as compared to regular electrical lights.
  • The operation of lights is limited according to the capacity of its battery. As soon as the battery is out of charge, the lights will go off.
  • Ideal only for places which gets plenty of sunlight and in smaller pond sizes only.

Solar-powered pond lights are hence your best bet for illuminating the garden in the most eco-friendly and energy saving way as you will be using the most abundant and reversible form of energy available on the planet!

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