Moonwalk – Apollo 17 Mission image

Space race - Moonwalk - Apollo 17 Mission image

Moonwalk, December 13, 1972. The previous space race in the cold war years has gifted us many technologies like communications and weather satellites, and many others. It also paved the way to human space presence on the International Space Station. The space race also sparked increases in spending on education, science and research and development, which led to beneficial spin-off technologies.

View of Station Lunar Module, Commander Astronaut Eugene A. Cernan, USA Flag, Lunar Roving Vehicle taken during the third Extravehicular Activity EVA 3 of the Apollo 17 mission. Original film magazine was labeled E film type was SO-368 Color Exterior, CEX, Ektachrome MS, color reversal 60mm lens with a sun elevation of 36 degrees.

Image source: (by NASA)

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