Education is something that everyone wants to obtain. Everyone needs a perfect and complete education. Children always like to spend their time outside instead of being in one room. When we place children outside they start to explore themselves and they love to be within nature. When they are in nature they will be able to nurture more and more and they will be able to develop their individual personality and lead to development.

Research shows that the kids who spend time outside with nature will be more happy and energetic. In the olden days we have seen in movies and in other sources teachers used to teach lessons outside the classroom. They always prefer a place which is under a tree. They know that the pure and fresh air brings positivity to children’s minds that will make them happy; it will help them to stay fresh in mind, and concentrate on lessons easily.

Its main factor is to relieve stress. But as time goes we adopted the new method of teaching in the classroom. Students are seated in one room which is covered with walls. They don’t have another source of knowledge they have to be more materialistic. Education is not only about the learning process it also includes adopting mental development and accepting a positive perspective toward life.

Reduces stress

As we know stress is part of the learning process. They have to understand and identify the concept. If they are not able to concentrate and capture the ideas it will make their mind stressed and after that, they will not be able to capture the idea anymore. So before they go to class and involve in the learning process students must be feeling relaxed and stress-free. When they are outdoor in nature they will feel relieved and fresh which will help them to grasp the ideas easily. The greenery atmosphere will help the students to have a positive effect on their minds.

Positive impact on students

When they are in nature they will get fresh air and helps them to refresh their mind. It really encourages students and helps them to accept new knowledge and helps to develop a positive impact on students. Not only about students has it also helped teachers to be positive and fresh. As time passes they will get tired and dull but when they are outdoor they easily connect with nature and students and their lessons will be connected to nature which will refresh their mind.

Why students should learn lessons in nurturing nature
Why students should learn lessons in nurturing nature: When they are in nature they will get fresh air which helps them to refresh their minds.

They get more involved

When students feel happy and stress-free naturally they involve in the learning process happily. The teacher should involve some activities which will make students more involved. They will get attached to nature and once they get involved in studies and learn they will be able to develop learning qualities easily and this will develop self-confidence in them.

They discover new things

When they spend their time with nature they get a chance to discover new things. They get a chance to search for their own ideas and help to identify their own skills. When they are explored nature it’s common that they feel like entering a new world where everything is fresh and natural. So naturally, they will be able to discover new things from nature and also helps to discover them.

It is cost-free

Without wasting money teachers can enhance the learning ability of the students. A teacher just has to change their teaching methods and have to make more activity-based teaching outdoor which will enhance the performance of the students. In the classroom to make the teaching and learning process more interesting teacher have to use some costly instruments and devices which is not affordable in every educational institution this naturalistic method may help the teacher to make positive effects on students learning process and will enhance the performance of the students.

These are some positive impacts of nature on studies. But at the same time, it has bad effects too. Students may not give much concentration it may divert their minds. But it’s in the hands of the teacher and the curriculum. The teacher has to make such methods and techniques where students naturally get involved without diverting their minds. The teacher must be able to pass and transfer the positive effects of nature on students. Research shows that students get more involved and participate in the learning process easily and naturally.

It will also help to improve the spelling errors of students mainly it helps in learning maths. Math is a difficult subject for more than 50% of students when they involve in nature and get a stress-free environment they easily catch the idea of maths. They get involved and the teacher can learn the subject for more than 30 minutes. So, from every angle, it’s a beneficiary for students and also for an educator. By this, we can see a mass development in students learning the process and also in academic performance.

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