Timelapse of the future: an amazing video

Melodysheep published an amazing video titled “Timelapse of the future: a journey to the end of time”. This experience takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet, our sun, and our universe may ultimately be. If this […]

Watch: 100 Million Stars of the Andromeda Galaxy

In January 2015, NASA released the largest image ever of the Andromeda galaxy, called the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT), taken by the Hubble telescope. This composite image involved thousands of observations, hundreds of fields, spanned about a third of the galaxy and resolved over 100 million stars. Totaling 1.5 billion pixels and requiring 4.3 […]

10 Amazing Facts about Space

The endless depths of the sky intrigue almost all humans alike. Space is like an abstract dream coming to life when it unfolds into a number of unseen horizons. The enormous nebulas, staggering hypernovae and the smattering of countless planets and stars make it a canvas of muse. We are but a speck of dust […]

If Andromeda Galaxy were brighter, this is what we’d see

Andromeda Galaxy is the farthest object in the sky that we can see with the naked eye. But if you don’t know where to look, you won’t notice it. If it was much brighter, its appearance in the sky would be sensational. The moon is a good reference for what we’d see if our galaxy’s […]