Watch: Nvidia Debunks Conspiracy Theories About Moon Landing

A spokesperson from Nvidia, the American technology company specialized in manufacturing high-performance graphics processing units (GPUs), debunks the conspiracy theories about the moon landing. The tech giant uses the latest technology to recreate some of the iconic photos which taken during the moon landing digitally and to debunk conspiracy theories around them.

Why NASA Launches Rockets From Cape Canaveral, Florida?

Have you ever wondered why NASA chose Cape Canaveral to launch rockets? NASA’s most important rocket launches including the Mercury program, Project Gemini, the Moon Missions, and Space Shuttle lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In fact, at the first look, Florida doesn’t look like a convenient place for rocket […]

Documentary: The Daring Adventure of Apollo 8 in 1968

50 years ago today, on December 21, 2018, Apollo 8, the second manned spaceflight mission in the NASA’s Apollo program was launched and became the first manned spacecraft to leave low Earth orbit, reach the Moon, orbit it, and safely return. It was also the first crewed launch of the Saturn V rocket. Dan Beaumont […]

Watch: Neil Armstrong’s Parents at I’ve Got a Secret

On September 17, 1962, Neil Armstrong’s parents, Stephen Koenig Armstrong and Viola Louise Engel Armstrong joined “I’ve Got a Secret”, a panel game show produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman for CBS television. They had a “secret” that their son just became an astronaut for NASA on that day, one of the nine newly chosen men for […]

Watch: Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated

On July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC, two American astronauts, Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the lunar module Eagle on the Moon. It was the first time humans set foot on another planetary body than Earth, making the moon landing probably the most monumental event in history. published […]

How NASA Missions Save Lives on Earth

Satellites are blessings to mankind in the true sense. NASA has been continuously striving to launch the satellite for the betterment of the environment and to understand the future aspects. The American space agency not only employs the larger number people themselves but also helps other aerospace companies to employ them.

The Spacewalker – Like Apollo 13 but Better

I recently watched the 2017 Russian film “The Spacewalker”. It tells the story of humanity’s first spacewalk. On March 18, 1965, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov has stepped out of the Voskhod 2 spacecraft into the void of the space and became the first spacewalker ever.

Life on the Moon? New study suggests there was a habitability window 4 billion years ago

The Moon is completely uninhabitable and lifeless today – a dusty, dry rock. It has no atmosphere, there is no liquid water on the surface, and, maybe the most important, it has no magnetosphere to protect its surface from solar wind and cosmic radiation. But, according to a new study published in Astrobiology, it may have […]

NASA Has Released Apollo 11 Mission Audio

NASA has just published Two Years’ Worth of Apollo 11 Mission Audio (the first manned moon landing mission) on their website “Explore Apollo“. That’s more than 19,000 hours of audio. So now anyone can hear the endless hours of conversations between the Apollo 11 astronauts and Houston. Some recordings are really exciting, for example, the […]

Did NASA spend millions of dollars to develop a space pen, while the Soviet cosmonauts using pencils?

Here’s the story: during the 1960s as NASA was sending the first astronauts to space, they realized that pens don’t work in zero gravity (or actually microgravity), so they spent years and many millions of taxpayer dollars to develop a “space pen”, which means a pen that can write in the microgravity. Meanwhile, the Soviet […]