What Would Happen If the Earth Started Spinning Backward?

The dynamics of the ocean and the atmosphere are strongly influenced by the Earth’s rotation. Currently, our planet rotates from west to east (prograde, which appears counterclockwise) with a linear velocity of 465.1013 m/s (1674.365 km/h or 1040.40 mph) at the equator. What would happen if the Earth started spinning backward (from east to west)?

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Oymyakon, a village in Oymyakonsky Ulus of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the Russian Federation, is considered as the coldest inhabited place on Earth. On February 6, 1933, a temperature of −67.7 °C (−90 °F) was recorded at Oymyakon’s weather station. The village is considered as one of the Pole of Colds Notes 1 of the […]