If you lost your job because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you don’t need to wait until the virus has been eliminated to get a new job. If your company hasn’t called you back yet, there is a strong chance that they never will. This isn’t the time to start feeling sorry for yourself. You need to accept the new reality and start looking for an alternative. There are still many industries that have been hiring people despite all the job loss caused by the pandemic. In fact, the demand for high-tech workers has been on a steady rise amid the pandemic. These are five of the most resilient high-tech jobs during Covid-19.

1. Big Data Engineering

Transforming large volumes of information into actionable information allows businesses to develop effective strategies and make important decisions. Companies these days have an overwhelming amount of information to sort through. To do that, they employ experienced tech workers.

In this position, you’ll have to create and regularly update the software and hardware needed to ensure that everyone working with data in the company can have uninterrupted access. If you’re already in the database field and happen to have a degree in computer science, you can become a big data engineer with just a little more certification. Companies pay these professionals more than $160,000 yearly.

2. Website Reliability Engineering

In 2020, the demand for site reliability engineers hit a record high. Website owners were hiring these experts to monitor the progress of their web development projects and ensure that these applications perform up to par.

To become a site reliability engineer, you must know how to code. Most of these professionals work with the technical support teams to identify flaws and address the concerns of customers. You can join an online bootcamp to get certified as a site reliability engineer. If you work as an independent engineer, companies will call you to check their applications, and you can even do more than one project at a time. The average salary for a site reliability engineer n the US is $125,000 a year.

3. Web Development

As you already know, web development is one of the most lucrative fields in the tech world. Web developers create applications for companies and individuals for a range of purposes. This branch of tech also allows people to advance to management positions. During the pandemic, the demand for these tech experts soared because more companies needed their projects completed quickly. Web developers ensure that web applications are created to do exactly what they are supposed to do.

If you have experience in the tech field, you can train to become a web developer on Computersciencehero.com. The more experience you have, the more money you’ll earn. The average salary for these experts is $125,000.

Tech Careers That Increased In Demand - a female software developer
Tech careers that increase in demand since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic: if you have experience in the tech field, you can train to become a web developer. Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

4. IT Security Management

This is another in-demand tech career. Companies rely on their IT systems more than ever but the risk of security bridges is also higher than before. Hiring a professional security management team for IT systems is crucial to protect these systems.

These IT security experts ensure that all the sensitive information in a company’s database is safe. To access this position, you need to specialize in technical network security. Managers in this department can earn up to $150,000 yearly in the US. However, other team members typically earn less

5. Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers are the professionals in charge of creating the mobile version of the applications created by web developers. With over 5.11 billion people using mobile devices across the globe, demand for mobile app developers is rising at an unprecedented rate.

Mobile app careers offer attractive salaries and professional paths. Mobile app developers are generally better remunerated for their work than web developers. These professionals earn an average of $135,750 yearly in the US.


The five high-end tech jobs listed above are in demand not just because of the pandemic but because technology is changing the future. Tech has applications in every sector, from education and finance to government and healthcare. Long after Covid-19 is over, these fields of tech will continue to shape the world.

Artur Meyster

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