Giant Water Bug (Belostomatidae)

Giant Water Bug (Belostomatidae)

Giant Water Bug (Belostomatidae) is a family of freshwater hemipteran insects. They colloquially known as toe-biters, Indian toe-biters, electric-light bugs, alligator ticks, or alligator fleas (in Florida, US). They are the largest insects in the order Hemiptera, and occur worldwide, with most of the species in North America, South America, Northern Australia, and East Asia. They are typically encountered in freshwater streams and ponds. Most species are relatively large, typically at least 0.75 in (2 cm) long, although smaller species also exist. The largest are members of the genus Lethocerus, which can exceed 4.75 in (12 cm) and nearly reach the length of some of the larger beetles in the world. Giant water bugs are a popular food in parts of southeast Asia. Photo: Frank Vassen, wikipedia

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