Big Bog, Haleakala

Big Bog, Haleakala

“Big Bog” is a spot on the edge of Haleakala National Park overlooking Hana at about 5,400 feet elevation. Big Bog is a major tourist attraction on Maui because of its beautiful scenery.

It is also the wettest spot in the United States:

“A team of scientists from the University of Hawaii-Manoa Geography Department has recently published a rainfall atlas to the state and may have discovered a new ‘wettest spot’ in the islands and thus for the entire United States. In 1992 they set up a rain gauge at a location known as the ‘Big Bog’ on the edge of Haleakala National Park on Maui Island. They had originally estimated the rainfall at this site to be on the order of 180” per annum, but the second year of data (1994) saw an amazing 560” of precipitation fall. The 30-year (1978-2007) average annual rainfall was 404″ at Big Bog (estimated from 1992-2007 data) vs. 393″ at Mt. Waialeale.” source

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