Finding the right job for yourself is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you are just fresh out of college or haven’t worked for a while after a long break. Moreover, some people just go on to work in a different field than their college degree and then decide to return to the field they initially chose for their career.

Whatever your situation is, it’s important to remember that there is always a chance of finding a good position in your field – or at least starting out in a bad position and working towards a better one. Hence, here’s how to find a well-paid job having a space science degree.

Assess your education and experience

First and foremost, you have to assess your education and experience to better understand your chances of landing a particular job position you are aiming for. If you only have a bachelor’s degree, employers might not value you as a specialist as much as someone who has a master’s degree or higher. Likewise, if you have less experience or you don’t have experience in the field at all, you will be less likely to land a higher-paying job in the field.

Determine what you want from your job

Of course, having less experience and only a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean that you can’t get a “bigger” job position in your field as time passes. In fact, you can definitely ascend the career ladder if you work hard and aim high. But you should also determine what you actually want from your job and whether you want to have a high position at all. Perhaps you will be happy and efficient at work even if you aren’t working in one of the highest positions at NASA but instead doing something modest in your field.

How to find a well-paid job with having a space science degree: Farah Alibay
A systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Farah Alibay poses with an Earth-based version of the Mars rover Curiosity that engineers use to test maneuvers and drives for the Red Planet. Photo captured by JPL intern Evan Kramer. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Train rigorously and learn constantly

One thing you should always keep in mind no matter what is that you should be training rigorously and learning constantly. Never tell yourself it’s enough because it really isn’t – science is the kind of field where discoveries are made all the time, so you need to be up to date with all the latest findings. Besides, university education is not the limit so you need to be the one teaching yourself about the more specific topics in your field as you go forward.

Check your expected duties and responsibilities

Before you actually start looking for jobs, you need to check your expected duties and responsibilities in the position you have chosen. As Catherine Lang from the essay writing service in 2021 says, “Of course, responsibilities can vary from company to company, but the general idea will stay the same. Search for websites that describe in detail what your duties will be and then check similar jobs in the field that you could switch to if it comes to it.”

Be prepared to enter a high competition

In addition to checking duties and responsibilities, you need to be prepared to enter a high competition. There will be many people aiming for the position you want to get, so you need to be ready to prove yourself to your potential employer, so you are the one hired for this position. Networking can help to an extent because connections will always give you more opportunities, but you also need to be persuasive and show that you are right for the job.

Look for jobs in the right places

To find a good job with a space science degree, you will need to look for jobs in the right places. You can’t just go on social media and look there simply because this is not the field that uses such platforms to search for specialists. Go to organizations and companies directly and ask them whether they are looking to fill certain job positions. Register on dedicated job boards and see if there are any job listings for the position you are looking for.

Search for a good job environment

Remember that your salary shouldn’t be the only driving factor for your job search and the choice you make at the end. Another important factor for you should be a good job environment because if you are working in bad conditions, you will be perpetually unhappy. Your coworkers are also an element of your job environment, so if you know someone you don’t like that you will have to work with, it’s best to avoid a job like that.

Get in touch with people you know

As mentioned above, you need to look for jobs in the right places if you want to find a good job for your space science degree. As Jason Silkwood from the reviews for paper writing services notes, “Getting in touch with people you know can open many doors for you. Indeed, connections are crucial when working in any field imaginable. Not everyone talks about this, but it’s totally true.”

Attend relevant events to make connections

Speaking of reaching out to people you know, you should also try to meet new people in your field and beyond. Such networking can be done by attending relevant events to make the connections you need to find a good job in your field. Events like these sometimes have company representatives actively looking for new candidates, so you should definitely be on the lookout and see if there is any organization you would be interested to work for.

Use relevant tools to aid your search

Last but not least, you need to consider using relevant tools to aid your job search. These are not just some tools you use for finding hashtags for social media job searching – they are more specific to your field. Most of the time, you will only need to find the right job platforms where jobs listings in your field are posted, but sometimes, you will need to get more creative and find new approaches to looking for space science-related job and then landing that job once you have found it and applied for it.

Final thoughts

All in all, looking for a good position in the field of space science can take some time, but if you start with a positive outlook on the situation, you will be able to find a good job for yourself eventually. Try to get experience while you are still studying, but if you don’t have the opportunity to get a job while in your field while still in college, make sure to use the tips from this article to look for a good job for your space science degree.

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