Write For Us: OurPlnt.com is Now Accepting Guest Posts

Ourplnt.com is now formally accepting guest posts. You can officially add your own content to the Our Planet blog. We’re excited to hear new voices while giving you an opportunity to grow your audience. Please take a few minutes to read the guidelines below.

Guidelines (Please read before submitting)

Ourplnt.com only accepts and replies to guest posting requests that are related to the content.

Examples of content that will be accepted or receive replies

  • Anything scientific and related to the planet Earth (General Science, Geology, Geography, Space Exploration, Astronomy, Environment, Global Warming, Climate, Oceans, Biology, Animals, Plants, Renewable Energy etc.)
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • Interesting places, Natural/Human Made Wonders
  • Robotics
  • Technology (it seems this category needs more explanation. Please read the subtitle “about technology category” below)
  • People

About Technology Category

Ourplnt.com has a category titled “technology”, yes, but it’s not fully dedicated to digital technologies. In other words, it’s not like “PC Magazine” for example. The topics of SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design etc. are completely unrelated.

In the “Technology” category, these are great examples of what we want to publish:


We won’t publish articles about the topics below:

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Database
  • Programming/software developing
  • Best laptops, best PCs, best smartphones…
  • IOS or Android applications, PC software.

Examples of content that will NOT be accepted or receive replies

  • Pseudoscience (Flat earth, UFOs, Homeopathy, Quackery, Conspiracy Theories, Urban legends, Paranormal etc.)
  • Ad inquiries
  • Anything Off-topic
  • Promotional/selling of a product or a written content
  • Religious views. While we respect all religious views, this site isn’t a place where we put religious content. It is okay to mention such views or related events if they support your main arguments.
  • Political views. While we respect all political views, this site isn’t a place where we put political content. It is okay to mention such views or related events if they support your main arguments.

For Best Results

Please be personal and tell us about yourself, for example how you found our blog, who you are as a writer or blogger, why your experience would fit well, etc. Include a link to your own writing samples or blog.


You can insert a few links in your article (see the unacceptable links below).  But, BEFORE posting anything, please tell us which site(s) do you want to link from the article. We do NOT accept every link (see below).

  After your post goes online, all the links within the post will remain do-follow for an unlimited time (as long as the Ourplnt.com stays alive). We do however ask that you only link to relevant, helpful and high-quality articles if they are from other websites, and link to pages on this blog whenever possible.

Links WON’T be accepted:

Links to:

  • Commercial sites (sales sites, product pages, etc).
  • Unrelated sites
  • Essay writing sites, homework writing sites, assignment helping sites, homework help sites, etc.
  • Affiliate sites
  • Adult, gambling, betting, etc. sites

won’t be accepted.

Links to informational blogs with ads are OK. Links to your blogger/freelancer bio also OK.

Format and Article Length

Please send your post as a Plain Text/HTML file to ozgur.nevres@gmail.com. Word Docs are OK too just please limit the unnecessary formatting. In your email please include your desired author name.

Your submitted articles must be at least 1000-words in length. Longer is better. 

Content Ideas

We are happy to select a post idea from a list have or send us or offer a few relevant ideas if you’d like. Please note that we may not have time to discuss posts yet to be written in length, and prefer you to send us your own content you think would work at the blog.

Duplicate Content:

Absolutely a no. Content must be unique. Please do not submit posts in which any part of them appear on other blogs or websites.


Please share your live articles with your immediate social media audience! It takes a couple clicks and makes the blogging world (well at least our world) go round! 🙂 We’ll share it as well and do what we can to get you the most exposure possible, but show your friends your new amazing piece too.

Thank you again for your interest in writing for Ourplnt.com! Once you are ready to submit, please send your post as a Plain Text/HTML file to ozgur.nevres@gmail.com. Looking forward to working with you!