Financial Planning as Climate Change Gets Worse

Climate change is getting worse. Ascending temperatures contributed to the devastating Australian wildfires of 2020. Meanwhile, coastal surges and extreme rainfall are causing more hurricanes to touch down on the United States. Amid increasing climate disasters, the average person is left with little in the way of their own protections. Perhaps the only thing many […]

Missing Minerals: How Soil Depletion is Affecting Our Daily Nutrition

There are probably about a million different ways to think about the important nutrients your body needs to be at its best. For the majority of us, thinking about the topic brings up images of healthy, garden-fresh foods or colorful plates that would make a dietician crack a smile. Others may think about protein shakes […]

The Science Behind the Things That Kill Us (And How to Conquer Them)

Whether it’s gorging on junk food, smoking cigarettes, or binge-watching Netflix in lieu of exercise, bad habits are just part of the human experience. But what is it about negative behaviors, products, and lifestyle choices that make them so attractive? And why are they so addicting?

What’s the Epidemiology Behind COVID-19?

In the last three months, our entire lives have been upended by an organism we can’t see and little understand. In the process, it has transformed millions of us into homeschool teachers of our children, remote workers, and public policy pundits as we debate what our government officials are doing right, and wrong, in response […]

Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling in STEM Fields

It may be a man’s world but, let’s face it, far more often than not, it’s the women who are running it. It’s the women who provide the brains as well as the heart, the wisdom and the care. However, for all the remarkable contributions women have made, and continue to make, to human history, […]

Recycling Electronics: Where Do They Go?

In 2007, Apple unveiled an innovative product that would effectively change the world: The iPhone, now on its 19th iteration. While iPhone sales had a relatively slow start, in the smartphone world, the devices have become synonymous with prestige and convenience. Upwards of 100 million Americans own and use an iPhone, and more than 1.5 […]