Digital technologies like SHARECITY can reduce food waste

Food waste has reached colossal proportions and the magnitude of the problem requires equally massive resources with the potential to supply sustainable answers. What better than the dynamic digital databases and advanced analytics we literally have access to “at our fingertips”. By Susan Langthorp

The Environmental Impact of Electric Cars

As more companies develop electric vehicles (EVs), controversy has grown over whether they are better for the environment than gas-run vehicles. Although some experts disagree, most have concluded that electric cars are better for the environment. Here’s the nitty-gritty of how electric cars really impact the environment.

Quick Internet Access During Disasters with Internet Balloons

We can all agree that no school year has ever quite looked like this one. The Covid-19 global pandemic has disrupted the way we work, socialize, interact, and communicate to unprecedented degrees. With dorms and classrooms closed for months, students joined the rest of the country in sheltering at home – whether they could afford …

Developing the Hardest Material on Earth

What is the hardest material on Earth? Traditionally, because of its extreme hardness, diamond is used as a cutting material in a multitude of fields, from aerospace engineering to geothermal energy. Recently, using ultra-high pressures and temperatures, scientists have created a new form of diamond, which is now the hardest material known to humankind.

Math is sexy. Here’s why

Mathematics = Intelligence = Sexy ∴ Math = Sexy Mathematics has been an essential tool for human progress and development since the origins of humankind. It is truly amazing how math has become a fundamental piece behind almost everything we do in our daily lives, without most of us even noticing it. However, due to …

The Impact of Sustainable Coding in Combating Climate Change

Climate change is a global dilemma that most people in this world are largely concerned about. Ever since discovering that certain human-made gases like CFCs and excessive burning of fossil fuels, humans have resorted to finding ways to prevent the ozone layer from being further depleted.

How Robotics Can Revolutionize Sustainability

Climate change is a topic that’s discussed more and more frequently as the effects of human interactions with the planet begin to manifest. There has been a rise in natural disasters and temperature fluctuations. The previous balance that existed in ecosystems is now deteriorating, and the solutions to mitigate further problems are now delving into …

Developing Sustainable Water Purification Technologies using Nanotechnology

A significant proportion of the world’s population has little to no access to clean water, and the water consumed by industrial activities continues to grow. Researchers from the Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT) Center, which is headquartered at Rice University, are developing cutting-edge water purification technologies that can provide communities with access to clean and …

5 Tech Careers That Increase In Demand Since The Beginning Of Covid

If you lost your job because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you don’t need to wait until the virus has been eliminated to get a new job. If your company hasn’t called you back yet, there is a strong chance that they never will. This isn’t the time to start feeling sorry for yourself. You need …