The Effects of Soil Erosion on Our Environment

Soil covers all of the earth, and it’s more than just rocks and plant matter. These layers of soil are teeming with biodiversity and living organisms. Your food largely depends on the soil where it is grown. If there isn’t enough of one nutrient or the soil’s structure is failing, then the amount of food […]

Mapping Cities’ Carbon Emissions Through Advanced Data Collection

As global emissions of greenhouse gas continue to rise, it is increasingly important for researchers and policymakers to identify exactly where and how much greenhouse gas is emitted and absorbed worldwide for global climate change mitigation. Over the past decade, Dr. Tomohiro Oda of the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) in Maryland has aimed to […]

Why Marine Weather Forecasts Are So Inaccurate – And How To Improve Them

Despite technological advances, marine weather forecasts are still difficult for researchers and scientists to get right. As NOAA’s National Weather Service division explains, “Weather forecasting is not a perfect science and conditions can change rapidly and unexpectedly… Marine forecasting is made much more difficult than forecasting ashore due to a lack of available observations.”

Can Geothermal Energy Save Us From Climate Change?

What if an unfathomably hot, never-ending, never-varying heat source existed that could be harnessed for energy production? This heat source does exist. Right beneath our feet. The top of the Earth’s mantle hovers around 1000 degrees celsius, achieving access to it would make the efficiency of all other current energy sources pale by comparison. With […]

Financial Planning as Climate Change Gets Worse

Climate change is getting worse. Ascending temperatures contributed to the devastating Australian wildfires of 2020. Meanwhile, coastal surges and extreme rainfall are causing more hurricanes to touch down on the United States. Amid increasing climate disasters, the average person is left with little in the way of their own protections. Perhaps the only thing many […]

9 reasons why climate change is best tackled through lots of small-scale solutions

Charlie Wilson, University of East Anglia; Caroline Zimm, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and Simon De Stercke, Imperial College London Massive amounts of public money are being mobilised to kickstart economies out of COVID-induced recessions. Many countries are allocating parts of their stimulus packages towards ensuring the recovery is green.

Why Trees are Critical to Sustainable Development

Trees may seem like just another plant to some, but they are also critical to sustaining life. Without trees, you wouldn’t be able to breathe. They give you oxygen and store the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Besides this basic fact of life, however, trees have many other ways that make this world liveable. Sustainable […]

Planet Earth is Pissed (video)

Foil Arms and Hog, the Irish sketch comedy group previously published a video titled “Awkward Interview with Planet Earth“, addressing global warming and environmental issues in the group’s unique and funny style. Now, they published the second video of the Earth interview series: “Planet Earth is Pissed”.