4 Benefits of Reducing Carbon Emissions to Businesses

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects world economies. At present, Earth is already 1.1 °C warmer than it was 200 years ago. This is because businesses continue to produce greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions contribute to the rapid increase in global temperature. Carbon emissions contribute the largest percentage of these emissions.

How AI Plays a Significant Role in Discovering the Universe

Artificial intelligence (AI) has driven a lot of advancements in different fields of study. From medicine, engineering, finance, and even the way we do groceries have all changed for the better. More importantly, AI pushes humankind’s understanding of the places we never thought possible. From protecting humanity to making sense out of seemingly random data, …

How To Align Business Strategy With Sustainability Goals

In the ongoing fight against climate change, businesses everywhere are doing what they can to help reduce their carbon footprints and shift to more sustainable options. However, not all companies are immediately capable of bringing in experts and making the shift to environmentally and socially responsible alternatives.

3 Benefits of Using Smart Mooring In Monitoring Climate Change

One of the parts most damaged by the current rate of climate change is Earth’s bodies of water. Scientific forecasts have estimated that in the next century, almost all coral reef habitats on our planet will be decimated. This is largely due to continuing ocean acidification among other practices done by humans, which all drastically …

Reducing Plastic Waste in Your Business: 4 Areas You Can Look Into

Yes, plastic may have many uses, but we have become too accustomed to a “disposable” lifestyle, resulting in grave environmental consequences. Single-use plastic waste is estimated to grow in succeeding years, with packaging accounting for 40% of all plastic produced.

The Impact of Sustainable Coding in Combating Climate Change

Climate change is a global dilemma that most people in this world are largely concerned about. Ever since discovering that certain human-made gases like CFCs and excessive burning of fossil fuels, humans have resorted to finding ways to prevent the ozone layer from being further depleted.