How to Protect Coastal Regions from Flooding Risks

Combating climate change requires battling threats on multiple fronts, especially when it comes to flooding. Coastal residents have a unique waterborne threat that destroys livelihoods numerous times each year. We should consider ways to protect these regions from flooding and advocate for long-term solutions.

Inspiring Ways Microgrids are Used Around the World

A microgrid is a small power grid with its own control capabilities, meaning it can operate independently from large traditional grids. They act as energy-efficient alternatives to primary sources that power large land areas throughout the world and help give underprivileged populations access to electricity, air conditioning, and other utilities. How do microgrids work, and …

Why Renewable Energy is a Geopolitical Issue

Humans around the world have long displayed a thirst for power, sometimes in a literal sense. Powering virtually every aspect of daily life, the origin of our electricity is thus one of the biggest talking points in modern times. Today, approximately 84% of the world’s energy needs come from oil, gas, and coal – aka …

AI Successfully Controls Plasma in Nuclear Fusion Experiment. Are we finally close to the Fusion Power?

To keep Earth from dangerous ongoing global warming, the world is looking for an energy source without CO2 emissions. There is actually a dream candidate: successfully achieving nuclear fusion holds the promise of delivering a limitless, sustainable source of clean energy.

How To Align Business Strategy With Sustainability Goals

In the ongoing fight against climate change, businesses everywhere are doing what they can to help reduce their carbon footprints and shift to more sustainable options. However, not all companies are immediately capable of bringing in experts and making the shift to environmentally and socially responsible alternatives.

Is Individual Action Enough to Fight Climate Change?

The issue of climate change has gained more attention over the last few years. In fact, the earth’s average surface temperature has risen about 2.12°F since the late 19th century. The problem continues as we rely on fossil fuels, which raise greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, there is the debate about who is to blame: individuals …