Can Geothermal Energy Save Us From Climate Change?

What if an unfathomably hot, never-ending, never-varying heat source existed that could be harnessed for energy production? This heat source does exist. Right beneath our feet. The top of the Earth’s mantle hovers around 1000 degrees celsius, achieving access to it would make the efficiency of all other current energy sources pale by comparison. With […]

The Growth of Green Waste in Sustainable Construction

The construction industry is transitioning to using sustainable building strategies and practices in exciting ways. Companies understand that newer generations care about their surroundings and want to live, work, and shop in buildings made with sustainable materials and eco-friendly equipment. Furthermore, governments are beginning to set higher standards for green buildings across the world.

Top 5 Places that require bird control

Today, pigeons have made themselves feel at home in the cities like New York, but they actually belong to the seaside cliffs in the rest of the world where they were domesticated thousands of years ago. They were farmed for protein at first, like chicken. Then they were bred as messengers. In around the 16th […]

8 Physical Effects that Nature Has on Your Body’s Wellbeing

Tired? Stressed? Down with another dose of the cold or piling on the pounds because the idea of hitting the gym’s about as appealing as a hearty kick in the heinie? Before you go ransacking the shelves of your local CVS or signing yourself up for the latest faddish diet to befall your Instagram feed, […]

Why Trees are Critical to Sustainable Development

Trees may seem like just another plant to some, but they are also critical to sustaining life. Without trees, you wouldn’t be able to breathe. They give you oxygen and store the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Besides this basic fact of life, however, trees have many other ways that make this world liveable. Sustainable […]

Planet Earth is Pissed (video)

Foil Arms and Hog, the Irish sketch comedy group previously published a video titled “Awkward Interview with Planet Earth“, addressing global warming and environmental issues in the group’s unique and funny style. Now, they published the second video of the Earth interview series: “Planet Earth is Pissed”.

How to reverse global wildlife declines by 2050

Michael Obersteiner, University of Oxford; David Leclère, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and Piero Visconti, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. Wildlife populations have fallen by more than two-thirds over the last 50 years, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund. […]

Organic solar panels: lightweight, bendy, cheaper

Today’s silicon solar panels are an industry standard, but these rigid, heavy blocks may be shunted aside by plastic rivals – lightweight, flexible solar panels that could be printed and stuck onto buildings or placed in windows or cars, turning light into electricity in locations inaccessible to their heavier cousins. The standard solar panels we […]