Bombetoka Bay from space: top 5 most amazing photos

Bombetoka Bay is a bay on the northwestern coast of Madagascar, where the Betsiboka River flows into the Mozambique Channel. It is near the city of Mahajanga,  a popular tourist destination, and also an administrative district on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Here are the 5 most amazing photos of Bombetoka Bay from space.

Orbits of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

NASA has published a disturbing image of the orbits of potentially hazardous asteroids on the APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) website. The image shows the orbits of the asteroids which are more than 140 meters (450 feet) across and will pass within 7.5 million kilometers (4.66 million miles) of Earth. If hits, a space …

Debunking the myths about Nuclear Energy (video)

Professor David Ruzic of the University of Illinois debunks the myths about nuclear energy in this live lecture he gave to high school seniors and college students, emphasizing the need for nuclear power and countering its common objections. Prof. Ruzic’s other videos on his Youtube channel have much more detail on each topic and this …

Why don’t we shoot garbage into the Sun?

The Earth is getting full of waste, pollution, and garbage. Yes, the world should focus on recycling and reducing waste, but, the truth is that it’s just not that easy, and in fact, we’re not doing well so far. So, why not shoot the Earth’s garbage into space, or even better, into the Sun?