Moon passing in front of Mars in this spectacular video

On September 6, 2020, French astrophotographer Thierry Legault (@ThierryLegault) went to the South of Lisbon to capture the event of the Moon passing in front of Mars. The result is this spectacular video, titled “Occultation of Mars by the Moon” by Legault himself.

Space Hero: Ever wanted to go to space? Now you may have a chance

Did you ever want to go to space? Become a “space hero”? Now you may have a chance. When I was a kid, science-fiction TV shows were so popular. I grew up watchşng Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, etc. Back then, in the 1980s, the excitement arose from the Moon landing, and other progress […]

Life on Venus? Astronomers detected phosphine which is a strong signature of life

Life on Venus? Astronomers have detected the first sign of life in the deadly clouds of Venus. They found phosphine which displays a strong signature of life. If we can detect life itself soon, this might be the most exciting news in history.

Space Shuttle, Boeing 747, and Concorde in the same photo

Washington Dulles International Airport has shared a strikingly beautiful throwback photo on their Twitter account (@Dulles_Airport): The year 1986, Space Shuttle Enterprise on top of a Boeing 747, while a Concorde was taking off in the background. A photo that can never be replicated. Total aviation and space exploration greatness.

Backyard Worlds: NASA is asking for volunteers to help find the hypothetical Planet 9

Some astronomers think in our outer solar system there’s a giant, undiscovered world hiding and they call it (for obvious reasons) Planet Nine. Whether it exists, it could be 5-10 times the size of the Earth and orbit Sun hundreds of times farther away than Earth orbiting Sun. Now, a NASA citizen science project called […]

Earth’s magnetic field is changing 10 times faster than previously thought

The magnetic field of Earth is constantly changing. And, at the moment, even more rapidly than previously thought – up to 10 times, as British researchers have now figured out. This has significant implications not just for the old-school magnetic compass navigation but also for the proper functioning of telecommunications networks and GPS-and thus for […]

How to create a zero-waste home? 10 easy & actionable tips

We, humans, are causing extraordinary damage to the environment and destroying the Earth’s wilderness. But, our choices as an individual can help to reduce that impact. Creating a zero-waste home could greatly help. Helen O’Keeffe of EZ Living Interiors created an infographic showing 10 actionable tips to create a zero-waste home.