The Science Behind Cures: When It Goes Right and When It Goes Wrong

Science is both invaluable and imperfect. In managing cures to all kinds of diseases and ailments, these competing values offer mixed healthcare results. When medical science goes right, it enables protection and prevention, thereby saving lives. When it goes wrong, however, curative science can create more problems for the population.

The Science of Addiction & Pain Management

You are in an accident or perhaps have a sports injury. Maybe you are hurt by equipment at work or have a bad fall. Regardless of the circumstances, you go to the doctor in horrible pain, and the doctor prescribes you an opioid, whether that be codeine or hydrocodone or any other of its many …

Why synthetic chemicals seem more toxic than natural ones

Many people believe that chemicals, particularly the man-made ones, are highly dangerous. After all, more than 80,000 chemicals have been synthesised for commercial use in the United States, and many have been released into the environment without proper safety testing. Should we be afraid of the synthetic chemicals that permeate our world?