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5 Ways Software Helps to Save the Planet

We all have heard about the influence that our technology-driven world is having on our planet – from industrialization to excessive resource consumption and carbon emissions. And when it comes to saving our planet from constant climate change, there are tons of main schools of thought. Some believe that with innovative economic and technological development, we’ll find a way to protect the ecological balance and clear out our environmental messes. The people on the other end of the spectrum believe that we should let nature takes its course and integrate only environmentally sustainable practices. Also, we should instead focus on reducing our resource consumption and conserve the natural environment.

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Solar Pond lights: An eco-friendly and energy saving option for your garden

Things which were considered a luxury once upon a time have now become the norm. It’s just not enough, to own a house or a swanky car. You need to keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies available in the market, to distinguish yourself among the others. One such technology is Solar Pond Lights. If you love idling around near your backyard pond or are known to throw lavish parties around that pond in your garden, you ought to have solar pond lights, it can instantly transform your dull looking pond into one that can amaze you with the mesmerizing illumination of your underwater plants, fishes & water patterns in an eco-friendly and energy-saving way.

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5 Reasons You Need To Learn Programming To Succeed In A Robotic Future

From iPhone apps to delivery drones and even scan ‘n go programs showing up at grocery stores, cutting edge tech is dominating every aspect of our lives.

That tech doesn’t run on its own, however, and programmers are required to keep those drones in the air and ensure those apps are working properly.

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Artificial Intelligence in Space

Outer space is considered to be an inhospitable place to live since there is no breathable air and space travel significantly alter your bodies due to increased doses of radiation in the form of high energy charged particles. Radiation is energy diffused in the form of rays, electromagnetic waves, and particles. These high doses of radiation can cause damage to your body cells by breaking up the atoms and molecules. While we don’t know accurately what the effect of several long journeys into space is but we know that there is a high risk of developing many health problems – including back problems, osteoporosis (brittle bones), cancer and damage to the nervous system.

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How NASA Reinvented The Wheel

On August 6, 2012, at 05:17 UTC, NASA has successfully landed a Mini-Cooper-sized rover, Curiosity, on Aeolis Palus in Gale Crater on Mars. The 900-kg rover (899 kg, to be exact, which is 1,982 lbs) is equipped with six 50 cm (20 in) diameter wheels in a rocker-bogie suspension. Notes 1 For the first time in the history of the space exploration, the suspension system also served as landing gear for the vehicle, unlike its smaller predecessors.

Curiosity “soft-landed”  (wheels down) on the surface of Mars. But, even it’s called “soft-landing”, the touchdown speed was 0.6739m/s vertical and 0.044m/s horizontal, which could damage the wheels. Plus, while the rover is moving, the wheels should withstand the substantial damage through the rough Martian surface. That’s why the wheels of the Curiosity rover have been one of the biggest technical difficulties encountered on the mission. Notes 2

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A Quick Peek Into the Future: 10 Ways Technology Will Transform Our Lives by 2050

All of us remember the iconic opening scene from Wall-E, where the lone robot goes about his daily routine, clearing up rubble. Amid the debris-filled surface of the planet, we see glimpses of how things used to be, before a gross violation of the ecosystem and rampant consumption of energy resources made our planet inhabitable. It is a gloomy picture indeed, and fills us with despair to witness what we are doing to our planet, armed with technological advancements that are gradually eating into the earth’s very soul.

However, the movie also teaches us that it is never too late to turn over a new leaf and mend our ways. Technology, when used to benefit humankind, can actually be the very tool with which we can build our futures, and make our planet a better place for the generations to come. This post is an overview of what could happen in 2050, given the rate of technological progression, with a special emphasis on how we can do good to the planet that has sustained us for so long.

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The Confluence Of Robotics With Space Research And Exploration

Those of us who have grown up watching the iconic space saga Star Wars are quite informed about what robots can accomplish. While that’s only a reel representation, but it definitely points to an abundance of opportunities in the realm of space research.

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Technology and its Role in Changing the World Around Us

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Christian Louis Lange, Norwegian Politician

Technology, over the years, has changed its form, functionality, and contribution to this world in a lot of ways. From the very invention of computers to pagers and walkie-talkies to Smartphone; the list of technological advancements and innovation is endless. If we are to talk about the present day scenario, we can pretty well figure out the impact of technological advancements in our daily life activities. Can you recall when was the last time you were out on streets waiting hopelessly for a cab? Chances are that you cannot probably remember the day.

The flipside of the coin – you could probably recall the last time you booked an Uber to pick you up, directly from your place. That’s technology for you, and this is how it is changing the world around us. Here’s the bigger picture depicting a vivid description of the phenomenon which has influenced the world in various ways, and in different sectors. Take a look.

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