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How Earth Moves (Video)

by Our Planet


A beautiful video, once again, from Michael Stevens, titled “How Earth Moves”. Michael explains many concepts, including “sub-solar point”, “sidereal day vs solar day”, or “how Earth moves in the space” etc, and he is doing it in a very simplified manner. Enjoy!

With watching the video, one can learn about these:

How seasons occur
How seasons occur: for half of the Earth tilted towards the Sun, one hemisphere receives more solar radiation from the Sun than the other. In the image above, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, while it’s winter in the northern hemisphere.

Michael Stevens (born January 23, 1986) is an American educator, comedian, editor, director, content strategist, and Internet personality, best known for creating and hosting the popular YouTube channel Vsauce. Though Stevens initially centered the channel around video game-related content, the popularity of his educational series DOT saw discussions of general interest become the focus of Vsauce, encompassing explanations of science, philosophy, culture, and illusion. As the host of Vsauce, Stevens grew in popularity, becoming one of the most successful YouTubers, as well as a leading figure in the Internet-driven popularization of science and education in general.