Many opinions are circulating about electric vehicles and emerging technology. Some people are on board (Tesla fans) and others are on the fence for now. Car manufacturers and technology companies are coming out of the woodwork, showcasing the latest advancements in car technology. Here are the 8 revolutionary future car technologies.

The doors of possibility are wide open with features such as active window display, multi-facial recognition, exterior sensors, and environmental improvements.

We may not have flying cars as “Back to the Future II” predicted, but the emerging car technology of the next few years is not far off. CarRentals has put together an infographic outlining the major technological advancements of the future.

Revolutionary Future Car Technologies

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Revolutionary Future Car Technologies
8 Revolutionary Future Car Technologies. Infographic:
  1. Biometric vehicle access (uses facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition instead of car keys)
  2. Active health monitoring (front camera, seatbelt, and steering wheel sensors that monitor vitals)
  3. Reconfigurable body panels (interchangeable car body, for example, reconfiguring the car into a small SUV track depending on need)
  4. Liquid printed pneumatics (3D-printed inflatable material that self-transforms and adapts. This can make airbag material safer and car seats more comfortable.)
  5. Brain wave technology (Electrode-studded skullcap that captures the driver’s brain activity. This can prevent crashes and decrease human errors by speeding up reaction times.)
  6. Active window display (displays outside information on the windshield)
  7. Enhanced surrounded view cameras (bird’s eye of view of the vehicle’s exterior on the LCD display)
  8. Car-to-X communication (information exchanged between cars and traffic infrastructures through radio signals)
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