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Proof of life: how would we recognise an alien if we saw one?

What would convince you that aliens existed? The question came up recently at a conference on astrobiology, held at Stanford University in California. Several ideas were tossed around – unusual gases in a planet’s atmosphere, strange heat gradients on its surface. But none felt persuasive. Finally, one scientist offered the solution: a photograph. There was some laughter and a murmur of approval from the audience of researchers: yes, a photo of an alien would be convincing evidence, the holy grail of proof that we’re not alone.

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Freshwater Is Disappearing. Can Technology Save Us?

Fresh water is the most important resource for human life on earth. People can survive far longer without food than without water, and virtually all of our food sources require fresh water to grow or create.

Global climate change and the exponential increase in population has led to water scarcity and recent headline-grabbing water shortages in major urban centers like Capetown and Sao Paulo.

As water scarcity or cleanliness continue to present major issues to humanity’s survival, communities across the globe are turning to technology to help access more fresh water–or create it using seemingly ‘magic’ techniques.

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5 Ways Software Helps to Save the Planet

We all have heard about the influence that our technology-driven world is having on our planet – from industrialization to excessive resource consumption and carbon emissions. And when it comes to saving our planet from constant climate change, there are tons of main schools of thought. Some believe that with innovative economic and technological development, we’ll find a way to protect the ecological balance and clear out our environmental messes. The people on the other end of the spectrum believe that we should let nature takes its course and integrate only environmentally sustainable practices. Also, we should instead focus on reducing our resource consumption and conserve the natural environment.

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5 Geography Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

From stunning landscapes to awe-inspiring vistas, our earth is a unique beauty in the immensity of space. To explore its beauty and diversity is an exhilarating honor and humbling adventure. To us, the greatest wonders flow from Earth’s beauty, power, and magnificent intricacies. Explore with us some of its unforgettable features with this list of five geography facts that will blow your mind.

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Green Travel Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

There’s a lot of waste that occurs in the travel industry, which can weigh heavy on eco-conscious travelers who want to see the world while causing the least amount of harm possible. Although it’s impossible to travel without increasing your environmental footprint, there are steps you can take to ensure you don’t cause more waste than absolutely necessary to see the world you love exploring. Here are a few smart ways to cut back on your impact while traveling.

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Global Warming: Where Are We Now?

In the 1950s, the first reports of increasing global temperatures were found in local newspapers, where journalists referenced scientific studies on climate change. The term was casually used until the 70s when scientists began publishing their papers and other work regarding climate change. In the 80s, NASA climate scientists testified before Congress to the effects of climate change and the studies outlining the causes and potential consequences of rising temperatures.

Now, almost 70 years after the initial introduction to rising global temperatures, among growing natural disasters and extensive scientific evidence, global warming has become a political debate, dismissed by one party and spoken of with urgency by the other.

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Solar Pond lights: An eco-friendly and energy saving option for your garden

Things which were considered a luxury once upon a time have now become the norm. It’s just not enough, to own a house or a swanky car. You need to keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies available in the market, to distinguish yourself among the others. One such technology is Solar Pond Lights. If you love idling around near your backyard pond or are known to throw lavish parties around that pond in your garden, you ought to have solar pond lights, it can instantly transform your dull looking pond into one that can amaze you with the mesmerizing illumination of your underwater plants, fishes & water patterns in an eco-friendly and energy-saving way.

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10 Amazing Facts about Space

The endless depths of the sky intrigue almost all humans alike. Space is like an abstract dream coming to life when it unfolds into a number of unseen horizons. The enormous nebulas, staggering hypernovae and the smattering of countless planets and stars make it a canvas of muse.

We are but a speck of dust in a desert full of possibilities when compared to the vastness of space. There are many realities prospering in the skies above us, it is only natural that we are still unaware of the majority of phenomena taking place on and around the stars.

Just like the count of stars, there are unlimited obscure and consternating facts dwelling in the depths of space. Most of them are surprising and are reminders for us that we are just an addition to the universe. Let us take a swim into the sky with these 10 amazing facts which are bound to fascinate you.

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A Profile in Courage: How One Person Can Save Many Lives

To champion science is to celebrate life. It is to apply the lessons of the laboratory to real-life circumstances. It is to address matters of life and death. It is to stay calm amidst chaos and confusion. It is to recognize the urgency of the need to act-in an emergency-when there is no time to wait for first responders to arrive on the scene.

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