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Mathematics has been an essential tool for human progress and development since the origins of humankind. It is truly amazing how math has become a fundamental piece behind almost everything we do in our daily lives, without most of us even noticing it. However, due to its extensiveness and complexity, many have wrongly labeled the general application of mathematical knowledge as a tedious or unattractive endeavor when it’s quite the opposite.

As a matter of fact, some have gone as far as to call mathematics “the sexiest science around“, and they were absolutely right. Wits, symmetry, and dependability are sexy, and mathematics humbly but surely comprises all three.

Moreover, an important number of geniuses throughout universal history like Archimedes, Einstein, Newton, and Pythagoras were mathematicians, making math that much more interesting and compelling than it is generally given credit for.

What is mathematics and what are the different disciplines within it?

Because of its broad functionality and beauty, mathematics has been defined endless times in various ways that range from a compilation of technical definitions to an extensive assortment of philosophical interpretations.

For scholars, mathematics can be understood as an abstract branch of science, which focuses on the evolution of basic practices like counting, measuring, and describing, while dealing with quantitative calculation and logical reasoning. In simpler terms, mathematics is the study of change, quantity, space, and structure to discover patterns, determine facts, and elaborate on new conjectures.

There are numerous disciplines within mathematics such as algebra, arithmetic, calculus, geometry, probability, statistics, and trigonometry. Each area has a specific purpose or function while many other interesting branches derive from them, adding a greater appeal to mathematics.

A background and/or education in Mathematics can provide a path to pursue a wide range of diverse career opportunities, including roles in education, private enterprise, technology firms, government agencies, and more which makes math a truly multi-faceted field to be a part of.

6 Reasons why math is sexy

Math is sexy
Many have wrongly labeled the general application of mathematical knowledge as a tedious or unattractive endeavor when it’s quite the opposite. Math is sexy. Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

Since it is constantly changing and evolving to the benefit of humans, there will never be enough motives to substantiate just how sexy mathematics really is, particularly for those who are passionate about numbers and figures.

Nevertheless, here are six of the greatest reasons why math has become increasingly alluring through its infinite amount of uses and important historical achievements:

1. Math fuels rocket science and space travel

Mathematics has undeniably had a role of paramount importance in the development of space exploration, which is deeply based on Newton’s third law of motion: “for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction”, a fact that is vital to the design and creation of a fully functional rocket ship.

The number of calculations and numerical data that go into making a crewed rocket head to outer space while keeping all crew members safe until they return to Earth, is virtually immeasurable. This can only be achieved thanks to savvy mathematicians who are usually unknown to most or have had positions that resonate more.

In their defense, it is rather hard to find job titles that are sexier than “Rocket Scientist” or “Astronaut” in our modern world.

Apollo 11 launch (cropped)
Math fuels rocket science and space travel

2. Math saves lives

Not enough individuals would consider math to be sexy, let alone a life-saving type of knowledge since it might not be so evident to them most of the time. Although it can be a bit more obvious in disciplines like physics and chemistry where numbers and formulas are directly involved, mathematics is usually left backstage while other sciences get all the praise and glory.

This is also the case for biology and its related branches where the relevance of mathematics is even less noticeable. Take medicine, for example, a field that is vastly valued but rarely associated with the involvement of mathematics in making medical analyses and determining useful treatments for patients.

In pharmacology, mathematics has helped save countless lives as well. The fact that a precise number of components are needed for the creation of safe drugs (which then must be administered properly to most of the population), should make anyone feel a certain attraction and gratitude towards math.

3. Math has helped to end wars

The use of mathematical shrewdness as a means to win wars cannot be understated and the final outcome of World War II clearly proves it so.

Skilled allied mathematicians cleverly used the serials of tanks captured during The Stalingrad Battle, to calculate how many were being built per month and the right strategy to defeat them by determining an appropriate force scale.

Some of the most brilliant mathematicians at the time were summoned and they successfully cracked complicated, encrypted messages from the infamous Enigma Machine: an encryption device that was designed to modify communications at least once a day and had a seemingly infinite number of settings (the modern equivalent to almost 67 bits).

It is said that had it not been for such an impressive accomplishment, World War II would have been two years longer, a feat that certainly adds a heroic, sexy feel to the concept of mathematics.

4. Math can be used to predict events

In our current world, people appear to be very interested in finding out possible future results, yet most are oblivious as to how that can be accomplished, even with extreme precision at times. Whether scientists are predicting climate changes and other natural phenomena or estimating possible numerical results, mathematical formulas and rules are to be strictly followed.

Apart from indicating the chances of when the next storm will be, what will happen in the stock market tomorrow or who will win the next elections, mathematics can be equally used to foresee likely events in terms of health and human conduct. Statistics can be used to calculate how many people may take ill during a virus outbreak, as well as to estimate what kind of guidelines individuals are more prone to accept and implement.

In any case, not many things are hotter than being confident about what you say is going to take place and then being right about it, just like math.

5. Math builds sexy cars

Symmetry and functionality are attractive features on their own but when it comes to applying them to car designing, sexiness is guaranteed thanks to mathematics.

Although nowadays complicated computer programs perform notably large quantities of mathematical operations to generate virtual car designs, numbers have had a more than important role in designing automobiles since they started being manufactured. From start to finish, math is necessary to build a car that looks, performs, and sells well.

It is in the design itself where mathematics lets its charm come forth. Chassis engineering, interior/exterior design, and manufacturing all rely on the mathematics to determine precise measures and create shapes that are visually aesthetic but also efficient and durable. One way or the other, an automobile is sexy because of math, something that’s particularly true for high-performance cars with powerful engines and sleek designs.

6. Math drives technology

Last but definitely not least, is the role of mathematics in the modern world of technology. Currently, there are very few people who could conceive living without the many advantages of technological science. The internet, gadgets, robots, artificial intelligence, and satellite communication are just a handful out of the countless benefits mathematics is responsible for regarding technology alone.

Modern cryptography is based on number theory through a series of algorithms lead by artificial intelligence. It is a massive series of operations that happen in fractions of a second simultaneously, which allows financial transactions and private messaging to safely take place online.

Combine the capability of performing tasks swiftly and effectively with an innovative modern design while relying on advanced self-adaptable technology, and the result is a product that is practically impossible to resist. In a way, that makes math irresistible, as it should be.

To “sum” it al up

Mathematics is known as “The Universal Language” for a valid reason: It has the power to unite people while changing their lives and perspectives for the better. Math grants us a deeper understanding of the world we live in by improving our problem-solving skills and allowing us to see what is neither physical nor visible.

By itself, mathematics has revolutionized humanity for thousands of years and keeps adding to our planet´s progress daily. As the main engine that has propelled most developments in absolutely every single field worldwide (and will continue to do so forever), mathematics is without a doubt one of the sexiest skills for anyone to master.


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