Top 5 Places that require bird control

Today, pigeons have made themselves feel at home in the cities like New York, but they actually belong to the seaside cliffs in the rest of the world where they were domesticated thousands of years ago. They were farmed for protein at first, like chicken. Then they were bred as messengers. In around the 16th […]

What’s New in Solar Energy Research and Development in 2019?

There are innovations to look out for every year in the renewable energy industry. Tech enthusiasts are keen on finding new ways to make life better for mankind. This is since technology is the driving force of research and development in different fields. In health, for instance, the introduction of sonic waves in radiology might […]

How to keep your life routine in energy-saving rhythm?

Saving energy in today’s digital world is sometimes nigh impossible. Anything you want to do has something to do with electricity in terms of powering your computer or giving you access to the internet. But how can you create an eco-friendly life routine with energy saving in mind? You can save energy and keep doing […]

Environmental Impacts of Saving Energy at Home

With constant reports of record-breaking heat waves, increased hurricane activity, and deadly winter storms caused by climate change, it can seem hopeless to change course as an individual. Dire warnings about climate change can certainly be discouraging, but making an impact all by yourself isn’t impossible. Even if saving the world isn’t your thing, being […]

The Artform of Teaching Science in the 21st Century

As a new or perhaps even veteran teacher, it can be tricky finding the right resources to rely on when it comes to certain subjects – particularly, science. As educators, our main goal is to not only teach students new and stimulating things about the world but to better prepare them for the rest of their […]

5 Ways Software Helps to Save the Planet

We all have heard about the influence that our technology-driven world is having on our planet – from industrialization to excessive resource consumption and carbon emissions. And when it comes to saving our planet from constant climate change, there are tons of main schools of thought. Some believe that with innovative economic and technological development, we’ll […]

5 Geography Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

From stunning landscapes to awe-inspiring vistas, our earth is a unique beauty in the immensity of space. To explore its beauty and diversity is an exhilarating honor and humbling adventure. To us, the greatest wonders flow from Earth’s beauty, power, and magnificent intricacies. Explore with us some of its unforgettable features with this list of […]

A Profile in Courage: How One Person Can Save Many Lives

To champion science is to celebrate life. It is to apply the lessons of the laboratory to real-life circumstances. It is to address matters of life and death. It is to stay calm amidst chaos and confusion. It is to recognize the urgency of the need to act-in an emergency-when there is no time to […]