Amazing up-close crocodile footage by BBC One. A Nile crocodile named Ganda carries her newborn babies to the water. But how? See the amazing video below.

Sneaky spying crocodile camera – Spy in the Wild: Episode 1 Preview – BBC One. A mother crocodile carries her hatchlings to the water.

The short video above is a preview of BBC One‘s Spy in the Wild: Episode 1. “Spy in the Wild” uses undercover cameras to film animals at close range and the results are astonishing.

Days before, the researchers have put robot cameras looking like crocodile hatchlings near the eggs. There were HD cameras where their eyes used to be.

Then the crucial moment comes: the babies call their mother for attention. For months, Ganda protected her eggs day and night, and she waited for this very moment. Now, she meets her babies for the first time. They are delicate and vulnerable. They are not safe here. She must get them to water. But how?

You can watch the video and see Ganda’s is an amazing and extraordinary solution. Nature is wonderful!

Crocodile carries her hatchlings to the water - Mother crocodile and hatchlings in the water
Mother crocodile and hatchlings in the water. A happy moment for Ganda, the Nile crocodile: her babies are safe and well in the water.
M. Özgür Nevres

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