ARC competition winner: HNTB+MVVA’s design

Wildlife crossings - ARC competition winner: HNTB+MVVA's design

To create more cost-effective solutions, an interdisciplinary partnership formed and named ARC, short for “Animal Road Crossing”. ARC began in 2010 with the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition.

The design of HNTB with Michael Van Valkenburgh & Associates won the competition.

“This landscape is not for humans. Rather than allowing the primarily visual, aesthetic drivers of landscape design to determine form, the hypar-nature bridging system is driven by the demands of ecological engineering. Instead of attempting to recreate the surrounding nature, the design condenses and amplifies multiple landscape bands (Forest, Meadow, Shrub, Scree) into habitat corridors that provide connections for a larger cross-section of species. The structure itself is a modular and cost-effective system of hypar forms that allows for minimal site disturbance and easy creation, assembly, and deployment, and can be expanded or adapted as migration pressures dictate. By combining a flexible structural solution with an adaptable approach to broad landscape management, the hypar-nature bridging system offers a new hybrid vision for addressing habitat fragmentation.” Read more

1- Exclusionary Fencing 2- Bicycle Path 3- Stormwater Infrastructure Connections 4- Forest, Shrub, and Meadow Planting 5- Hypar Vault Structure Below 6- Jack-Tunnel Wildlife Underpass 7- Wet Meadow and Water Catchment 8- AGS Rail 9- Expanded Vehicular Traffic Lanes 10- Breakdown Lane and Snow Shoulder

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