This incredible 4k time-lapse, published by Oliver Schmid shows sunrises, sunsets, clouds, and the Milky Way from the Mount Pilatus, Switzerland. A breathtaking video that reminds how amazing place our planet is. Enjoy!

This is some time-lapse footage that Oliver Schmid took last year for the Pilatus-Bahnen AG. It shows some magic sunsets, sunrises, clouds and the Milky Way on Mount Pilatus (6’982 FAMSL) in central Switzerland in 4k.

Mount Pilatus is a mountain massif in the Swiss Alps overlooking Lucerne, the most populous town in Central Switzerland (it has a population of 81,057 as of 2013), also he seventh-largest city of the country. It is composed of several peaks, of which the highest (2,128 meters / 6,982 fee) is named Tomlishorn.

You can see a few meteors in the video. If a meteoroid (space rock) comes close enough to Earth and enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it vaporizes and produces the visual phenomenon called a meteor: a beautiful streak of light in the sky.

Because of their appearance, these streaks of light some people call meteors “shooting stars.”

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Milky Way from Mount Pilatus
Milky Way from Mount Pilatus, a mountain massif overlooking Lucerne, Central Switzerland (a screenshot from the video above)
Mount Pilatus above Lucerne
The iconic Mount Pilatus above Lucerne. Image: Wikipedia
Owing to its location on the shores of Lake Lucerne and its outflow, the river Reuss, within sight of the Swiss Alps, Lucerne has long been a destination for tourists.
M. Özgür Nevres

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