Amateur astrophotographer Francisco Sojuel took an amazing photo of our satellite: because of the clouds, the Moon looks like Saturn – as if it is attempting to impersonate the ringed planet.

At first, it looks like a full moon – but it’s not. We are actually looking at the dark side of the moon. Because of the exposure, it looks like a full moon at first glance. But then you notice the crescent in the bottom left.

By dark side, I meant the night side of the moon, not the far side that we never see.

Moon looks like Saturn
A breathtaking photo of our moon slightly covered with clouds that the moon looks like Saturn (like it has rings around it). Photographer Francisco Sojuel says: “The night the moon dressed like Saturn. From afar you may wonder, ‘Is that an asteroid ring around the moon?’ Well, the disguise of this waning moon is actually a thin cirrostratus cloud. The way the cloud interacts with the moon creates a unique display of beauty that steals protagonism from the surrounding stars. Below the moon? The dimly lit silhouette of volcano Pacaya and the Guatemalan highlands can be appreciated. Captured at dawn on December 24, 2019″.
Hubble's Latest Portrait of Saturn (June 20, 2019)

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On June 20, 2019, Hubble Space Telescope snapped this portrait of Saturn and rings at its closest approach to Earth.

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