“Slope Point” is the southernmost point of New Zealand’s South Island. It lies 4803 km (2984 mi) from the South Pole and 5140 km (3194 mi) from the equator.

The place is regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions including heavy winds. The fierce and cold Antarctic winds can uninterruptedly travel over the Southern Ocean for 3200 km (2000 mi) and turn trees into strange but somehow beautiful statues.

Twisted trees of Slope Point, New Zealand
Twisted trees of Slope Point, New Zealand. Photo: cycle4retirement.com

Today, Slope Point is predominantly used for sheep farming. According to the open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia, there are no houses anywhere nearby and no road to Slope Point; the only way to reach there is a 20-minute walk following dilapidated yellow markers. But, I read these words below on a cyclist’s blog:

“…this was a long day and the last 10 or so kilometers were on a hilly gravel road. When we arrived at Slope Point Backpackers(1), the owner was great and sent us down the road to an old three-bedroom farmhouse they’d recently purchased. She even sold Eric a few bottles of beer.”

So, it seems the land (or a piece of it) has an owner? and there is a farmhouse nearby. There is also a solar-powered lighthouse.

Slope Point sign
Slope Point sign


  1. Slope Point Backpackers is an accommodation near Slope Point. Their website says that it only minutes away from forest walks, the Haldane Estuary, Slope Point, Curio Bay, Waipapa Point and walks along the rugged Catlin’s coast. It’s all here ready to be explored


  1. Slope Point on Wikipedia

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