SpaceX Starhopper – Starship – Super Heavy booster 3D comparison

SpaceX Starhopper - Starship - Super Heavy booster 3D comparison

SpaceX’s Starhopper, Starship, and Super Heavy booster 3D model comparison.

Starhopper is the miniaturized version of SpaceX’s super-heavy launch vehicle, which is known as the Starship (previously known as the BFS – Big Falcon Spaceship or Big Fragging Spaceship).

Starship will be SpaceX’s interplanetary spaceship, which will take people to and from Mars and beyond (according to the American company).

Super Heavy booster, (previously known as the BFR – Big Falcon Rocket or Big Fragging Rocket) will be the powerhouse behind these two spaceships which launch them into space.

Starhopper and Starship will be stainless steel (if you spent enough time around cyclists you might have heard the phrase “steel is real”). Super Heavy may yet be built mostly out of carbon fiber, since it won’t reach orbit and will instead land back on or near its launchpad for reuse.

Image: Kimi Talvitie

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