“Your life on Earth” is a nice interactive webpage presented by the BBC – The British Broadcasting Corporation: how you and the world have changed since you were born? You’re simply entering your birth date, gender, and height; selecting units (metric or imperial/US), and then watching how our planet (and you) has changed in your lifetime.

Your life on Earth: How the world has changed in your lifetime
Your Life On Earth: How the world has changed in your lifetime?

You can find out how your life has progressed since you were born; including how many times your heart has beaten, how many solar eclipses occurred during your lifetime, and how far you have traveled through space.

You can also investigate how the world around you has changed since your lifetime; the amount the sea has risen, the tectonic plates have moved, and the number of earthquakes and volcanoes that have erupted.

There are also very interesting statistics, including “how many cities are younger than you?”

And the impact we’ve had on the planet: how much fuel and food you’ve used, and how old will you be when some resources (oil, coal, gas) run out? How many species are now endangered?

There are also positive statistics, like species saved from extinction in your lifetime.

“This is your story, the story of your life on earth.”

Start exploring your life on earth by clicking here.

M. Özgür Nevres

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