​6 Largest Alligators Ever Recorded

Alligators (American alligator – A. mississippiensis) can often reach at least 14 or 15 feet (4.25-4.57 meters) in length, which is even larger than some crocodile species, but not all of them, especially not the Saltwater Crocodile. Chinese alligator – A. sinensis is much smaller). But what is the largest alligator ever measured?

10 Amazing King Cobra Facts

King cobra (scientific name: Ophiophagus hannah) is one of the most venomous snakes on Earth. Their most distinctive attribute is that distinctive hood that flares around their face when they are aggressive or in defense. Due to their huge size and color patterns, they can easily be distinguishable from other cobras. Here are 10 amazing …

The Visual History of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were a very unique group of reptiles that existed as early as 243 million years ago. This extinct group had incredible diversity and roamed the earth for over 165 million years. As the earth itself went through drastic changes, dinosaurs changed too. From the skies to the seas, these prehistoric reptiles adapted and were …

Top 10 Giraffe Facts

Giraffes are like the tall towers of the animal world, living in Africa where it’s warm and grassy. They are famous for their long necks and spots, each one different like a fingerprint. Although they look quiet and calm, giraffes hide many surprises. They don’t just eat leaves and roam around; there’s much more to …

Do giraffes get struck by lightning more often than other animals?

An interesting question: do giraffes get struck by lightning more often than other animals? At first, it looks funny, but when you think that giraffes are way taller and pointier than other land animals, why they shouldn’t be? And, interestingly, there are studies about that subject, and some of them are even peer-reviewed!

10 Amazing Honey Badger Facts

Honey badger (scientific name: Mellivora capensis), also known as ratel has a well-earned reputation of being a very fierce, feisty, and brave little mammal. Although barely a foot (30.5 cm) tall, they have a reputation for attacking just about anything – from venomous snakes to full-grown lions. Here are 10 amazing honey badger facts.

10 Reasons Why Hydroelectric Dams are a Big Threat to Endangered Big Cats

Big cats, such as lions, tigers, and jaguars, have captured our admiration for their majestic presence and crucial ecological roles. These magnificent predators regulate herbivore populations, thus preserving vegetated habitats and maintaining biodiversity. However, their survival is being challenged in unforeseen ways. One of the most pressing threats to big cats is something that we’ve …