Retro vs Prograde Rotating Earth Climates

Retro vs Prograde Rotating Earth Climates

Köppen Climate Classification (colors) for a retrograde (RETRO; left) and a prograde (CNTRL; right) rotating Earth under preindustrial climate forcing.

In a retrograde world, the desert area not only gets smaller, but the deserts also vanish from some continents and appear in others. For example, the Sahara, currently the hottest desert on Earth, would have a much humid climate, and as a result, would be covered by forests and grass. Instead, Southern Brazil and Argentina would become the Earth’s biggest deserts. Similarly, the Southern states of the United States would see a dramatic climate shift from a fully humid climate towards a complete aridification. But, in overall, the complete desert area would shrink, and extreme deserts, like today’s Sahara, would be much less-spread.

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